Mueller Pallet Kid a Palooza Night

Bring your kids to Catfish Bays SEASON KICK OFF Greatest Show on H2O on Friday July 1st at 7pm with over $5,000 in KIDS & ADULT PRIZES will be given away and watch us light up the sky with The Greatest Fireworks Show on H2O at dark .Every adult and kid who attends Mueller Pallet Kid a Palooza night will get one drawing ticket (more tickets can be purchased online and at the show). All kids will get a chance to win cool prizes like Nintendo Switches, Oculus's, Ezy Rollers, Pogo Sticks, Swag Skates & More. Adults will get a chance to win grills, tvs, coolers & more. Over $5,000 in  prizes for kids and adults donated by Mueller Pallets will be given away the night of July 1st.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a fun show, see a fireworks show with your kids and possibly watch them win cool prizes.

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